Verizon aol email settings

21 May 2020

If you've got migrated your Verizon email to AOL, let's decide the way to found out AOL Verizon email in iPhone. AOL email setup is often used for POP3 and IMAP. However, during this article, we'll specialise in Verizon AOL email setting in iPhone.
1. to set up Verizon email on iPhone, firstly move to Settings.
2. Choose the Mail menu.
3. Choose Accounts.
4. Tap Add Account.
5. to begin configuring AOL mail settings for iPhone, choose AOL.
6. Type in your name alongside the email address and password that you made once you migrate to AOL. Remember, the email address will still include albeit you've got migrated to AOL.
7. Click Next, follow the instruction, and you've got successfully changed Verizon email setting for iPhone to AOL